About Naka Masato


Naka Masato is a software engineer. He started his career as a machine learning engineer in ByteDance in 2016, and started working on infrastructure and cloud-native application development when he joined beBit in 2018. In 2022, he joined Souzoh as an SRE engineer. His interests include scalable system architecture, infrastructure, stream data processing, and machine learning.

GitHub Projects


  1. kubernetes-training: Practice Kubernetes features with hands-on, including autoscaling, monitoring, logging, operator pattern, cluster setup, and so on.
  2. kubernetes-basics: Example codes for Kubernetes入門 (Udemy Course)
  3. kubernetes-operator-basics: Example codes for Kubernetes Operator入門 (Udemy Course)
  4. Kubernetes Operator Practice:
    1. mysql-operator: WIP Kubernetes operator to manage MySQL users for existing MySQL clusters.
    2. secret-mirror-operator: Kubernetes operator to copy a Secret from one Namespace to another and keep them synced.
    3. sample-controller: Sample operator created in Kubernetes way
      1. documentation: Sample Controller
    4. memcached-operator: Simple operator with operator-sdk (go-based)
      1. documentation: Quickstart for Kubernetes operator
    5. password-operator
    6. memcached-operator-with-ansible: practice operator created with operator-sdk (ansible-based)
    7. nginx-operator: practice operator created with operator-sdk (helm-based)
    8. foo-controller-kubebuilder: Foo controller with kubebuilder



  1. Self-Study Training Series
    1. golang-training: Studying Golang
    2. nestjs-graphql-training: Study Nestjs + GraphQL
    3. envoy-training
    4. etc.
  2. Python
    1. python-sample: Python sample application with tests
    2. flask-sample: Flask sample application
    3. fastapi-sample: FastAPI sample application
    4. autonote: Python Library to automate taking notes (WIP)
  3. github-actions-practice: Example GitHub Actions workflows
  4. Database Design and Implementation: SimpleDB implementation (from a book Database Design and Implementation)




Udemy Courses


I also like learning foreign languages. I’ve studied several more languages; Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and very little Vietnamese.